Our Story

BulkBullys.ca sells affordable natural dog treats that are good for your pet and easy on your wallet. We care about our customers (both two-legged and four) and believe that all doggos deserve tasty, healthy treatos.

While researching our market, we realized that natural treats were becoming increasingly expensive, especially in brick-and-mortar stores. We felt that was heckin' unfair to man and his best friend!

After much borking and brainstorming, we decided to be an online-only store and buy our products directly from the manufacturers. Fewer overheads for us = more savings for you, right? Our treats come in economical bulk packs that save you money and keep hungry Buster happy for longer. Plus, a $35+ order gives you free, same-day shipping, which means even more money saved and less waiting time for impatient puppers.