we are

Committed to change

Read about the steps we are taking to become a more
eco-friendly brand for you and your dog

Here at BulkBullys.ca, we’re making a commitment to change. With online shopping ever increasing, we need to step up and make sure we do our part to reduce waste, landfill and offset carbon emissions from the transportation of our goods.

We’re announcing our 4 step plan over the coming months, and we invite you to join us along this journey.

Phase 1

Shipping Carbon

Beginning today, all orders placed on our site will be shipped carbon neutral. Using the distance between our facility and your home, we'll calculate the emissions created and make a comparable contribution to over a dozen climate projects via the Shopify Sustainability Fund. One of them being 'Grassroots Carbon' which supports North American ranchers efforts to pull carbon from the atmosphere. Check them out below;

Phase 2

100% Recyclable
Shipping Material

Between today and January 1st 2023, we’ll be phasing out all plastic and non recyclable material from our shipping bags and boxes including tape.

Phase 3

100% Compostable

Between January 1st 2023 and Earth Day (April 22nd 2023) , we’ll be phasing out all plastic packaging and replacing it with 100% compostable pouches made from renewable forestry wood pulp cellulose. We know that’s a mouthful, it’s basically just wood chips ground to a pulp to create a “clear paper” material.

Phase 4

100% Carbon
Neutral Brand

Effective immediately, we’ll be working with industry leaders to calculate and monitor greenhouse emissions throughout every aspect of our brand. By Earth Day (April 22nd 2024), we commit to being a 100% carbon neutral brand by reducing our emissions where possible and purchasing carbon credits.