Three Tips for Training Your Dog to Chew Safely

Animal lovers get great joy from spoiling their pups with special treats and chew toys. Although chewing comes naturally for dogs, there are safe ways the owner can train them to ensure they don't endure choking, have dental issues, or develop intestinal blockages. Teaching them safe chewing habits helps protect both the owner's and pet's overall well-being.

Encourage Self-Control

Train your dog to have self-control when it comes to eating, chewing, or playing with treats and toys. Self-control involves teaching them to wait for permission before taking or playing with an item. This will help prevent dangerous and impulsive behaviors. Start small by implementing the "stay" command before each meal. Let them wait for a few seconds before releasing the command.

Create a "Leave it" Demand

Whether "let go," "stay," or "leave it," a consistent demand that is regularly verbalized will help them get used to what the expected behavior should be. This will also help them learn to drop or avoid items that could be harmful. Our furry friends are people-pleasers and can learn and understand words and phrases with love and encouragement.

Designate Chew Areas

Dedicating a specific part of the house to chew on toys and treats will ensure any messes or behaviors are secluded. Sometimes our pets can't help but make a big mess, which is part of being an animal. You can also train them to stay off of certain furniture whenever chewing or eating. If they jump on the couch with a chew toy, calmly and firmly say "no" and redirect them to their doggy bed or the kitchen. There are also pet-friendly sprays that deter them from getting too comfortable on furniture.

Consistency is key when it comes to training. Additionally, remember to always use positive reinforcement when they are displaying the appropriate behavior by rewarding them with hugs, positive tones, and love. By following these tips and tricks, we hope you can gain confidence in a happy and healthy pet-human relationship.