The Weather Outside is Frightful, but Playing Indoor Games with Your Pup is Delightful

In rain, hail, sun, or snow, your dog is going to want to play. When it's nice outside, it's easy to take your dog for a walk or out to play a game of fetch. However, when the weather is frightful, it's not always possible to give your pup the outdoor playtime they'd like. Let's discuss how dogs can get their energy out inside, when the weather is not so great outside.

Create an Obstacle Course

Whether you live in an apartment or a multi-story home, it's possible to create a stimulating obstacle course for your dog indoors. If you're looking to get sophisticated, you can create your own jump bars and seesaws following this tutorial. But if the weather gets bad quickly, and you're in a pinch, simply put household objects down and instruct your dog to jump over them, or weave through them.

Make an Interactive Toy

You might have a treat-dispensing toy or a snuffle mat on hand, but if you don't, there's no need to worry. It's possible to create your own. Take a small towel and flatten it on the floor. After you've done this, put treats all over it, and roll it up into a long cylinder. Finally, tie the cylinder-shaped towel. Your dog will now have to sniff and work hard to untie the towel, making it a great indoor game.

Work on Training Inside

Training is an underrated way to wear out your pup. You can practice all the basic commands, like sit, come, stay, and look. But if you're looking to introduce some more advanced commands into your dog's list of tricks, try teaching them some of these commands. When you're training, of course, remember to reward your dog with the tasty dog treats we offer on our website. For more information about our dog-friendly products, contact us.