The Perfect Amount of Chew Time

How long should dogs spend chewing on natural treats and other toys daily? This is an important question for pet owners to consider in order to maximize the mental stimulation and dental benefits of chewing while avoiding potential risks. It's generally recommended that all dogs spend at least 30 minutes daily engaged in chewing activities. This minimum chew time helps remove plaque and tartar from teeth while providing mental enrichment through problem-solving. However, the appropriate maximum duration depends on the type of chew and your dog's size.

Chew Time Recommendations 

Several main types of chews appropriate and safe for dogs are available, including rawhide chews, nylon or rubber chew toys, and bones; each type varies in digestibility, durability, and potential risks. For small- and medium-breed dogs, rawhide chews should be limited to 30 minutes of chewing at most. 

These chews are highly digestible, and a risk of intestinal blockage exists if consumed too quickly. Meanwhile, large-breed dogs should restrict rawhide chew time to no more than 15 minutes due to their greater risk for gastric torsion.

When it comes to durable nylon or rubber chew toys, all dogs can safely chew for up to an hour at a time. These nearly indestructible toys are low risk as long as they are too large to swallow. The strongest chews that require the most chewing time to break down are bones.

Small-breed dogs should limit bone chewing sessions to 15 minutes maximum. Medium- and large-breed dogs have a 45-minute limit with bones due to the potential for tooth fractures if they crunch continuously for too long. The safest bones are short sections from chicken, lamb, or fish that your dog must work to splinter or break.

While 30 minutes of daily chew time is ideal for all pooches, be aware that maximum durations vary depending on the dog's size and the specific chew material. Following these guidelines will make chewing an enjoyable and healthy activity rather than a potential risk. Browse our selection of dental chews and treats available in the Bulk Bullys shop today.