Keeping Your Best Friend Safe

Any time you check the list of current pet food recalls, you will see hundreds of products. It seems like every day, we hear about a new large-scale recall. Our best friends are at risk from contaminated ingredients and inferior manufacturing processes.

Safety in Manufacturing

There is minimal governmental oversight of pet food and treats in Canada. As long as companies adhere to Canada’s labelling and packaging regulations, they can produce and sell products for your pet. 

Treats and chews are part of how we show our love, but how can we know the products we are feeding are safe? 100% of products are manufactured in facilities that are approved by the CFIA and FDA. 

Safety in Ingredients

Most of the treats and chews are made in Canada with Canadian ingredients. These ingredients have 100% traceability back to the Canadian farm they came from, keeping your pet safe. The more exotic treats, which aren’t available from Canadian sources, are made in FDA inspected and approved facilities.

Our Kangaroo and shark cartilage sticks are sourced from Australia. Both New Zealand and Australia have impeccable records for safety, sourcing, and oversight of pet food and treat manufacturing.

Almost all of the treats are just one ingredient. The only exception is our Himalayan chews which have just 3 natural ingredients, yak milk, lime, and salt. This sort of simplicity means healthy, natural treats without any mystery ingredients. 

We have a range of novel protein treats that are safe for the most sensitive dogs. If you have a dog with allergies, check out the shark cartilage, the Himalayan chews, or the selection of Kangaroo treats and chews. 

Choose safe chews

Many veterinarians and animal professionals warn against giving rawhide. Particularly with dogs who like to inhale their treats, rawhide can pose a risk for intestinal blockages and obstructions. Veterinary dentists warn against giving anything too hard and see many tooth fractures from chewing bones.

A safe chew is one that is edible to decrease the risk of obstruction, hard enough to stand up to chewing, to reduce the risk of biting off large pieces, but not so hard that it will prevail against teeth! 

The digestibility of bully sticks has made them a top chew option. Appropriately sized, they’ll last with even the toughest chewers. Himalayan chews have also become popular. Their simple ingredients make them digestible while still providing a fun chew challenge for your dog.

How else can you keep your dog safe?

Know your dog and their chewing habits. If your dog tends to gulp treats, ensure that you are giving something large enough that it can’t be swallowed, and keep a close eye as the chew gets smaller. Choose treats of an appropriate size; anything delicious can be devoured too quickly!

Giving our best friends treats and chews they love is part of how we show our love for them. By choosing carefully, you can find safe, natural, healthy products that your pet will enjoy.