How to Choose the Right Dog Chew for Big Dogs and Heavy Chewers

Chewing is a natural activity that most dogs indulge in, to some extent or the other. Some dogs might be heavy chewers while others might be light chewers. Unless you get your dog some dog chews, they might end up chewing on things you don't want them to chew on, such as your shoes or other objects that they see lying around. So it's important to get some chews for your dog, especially if it's a big dog or a heavy chewer.

What Types of Chews Are Available for Big Dogs?

There are two types of chews, edible and inedible.

  • Edible Chews: These are the kind that dogs can chew and ingest as well. If you're trying to get an edible chew for your dog, then make sure that it is completely digestible and doesn't cause your dog any blockages.

  • Inedible Chews: These are simply meant for chewing and not eating completely. If you're looking for an inedible chew for your big dog, then make sure that it's tough enough that your dog doesn't break it and swallow it accidentally.

What to Look for in a Dog Chew for Your Big Dog

There are certain things you need to look for in a dog chew.

  1. Degree of Toughness: It should be tough enough for the dog to chew on and it should last a while. Also, it shouldn't be too hard or else it might hurt your dog's enamel.

  2. Large Size: For a big dog, it makes sense to go for a chew in a larger size or they might just end up swallowing it.

  3. Digestible: In case the dog does end up swallowing it, it should be easy to digest.

  4. Natural: It's best to get a dog chew which is made of natural materials so that it won't harm your dog if it is swallowed.

  5. Appealing: It should appeal to your dog. Theoretically, a certain chew might sound great, but if your dog doesn't like it, then what's the point?

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