Himalayan cheese: The taste your dogs will love combined with the health benefits you want!


If you are like the majority of dog owners, you are used to seeing the excitement on your pet’s face when they see cheese coming out of the fridge, and their eyes brighten when you slip a piece as a treat occasionally. While the fan favourites are cheddar, mozzarella and processed slices, you may be surprised that there is another type that has many health benefits and is loved just as much. 

Himalayan cheese is rich in protein, flavour and texture, but what makes it so unique is that it is made from yak’s milk! Dogs love the taste, and thanks to our all-natural, limited-ingredient Himalayan yak chews, they can enjoy the flavour for hours on end. There’s more to this cheese than just flavour and protein, so let’s break down some of the other benefits to feeding your furry friend our Himalayan cheese-based yak chews. 

It’s a natural, nutritious treat for dogs

Yak’s milk is the main ingredient in our Himalayan yak chews. It is naturally rich in magnesium, omega-3 fatty acid and calcium, which are all important nutrients your dog needs to stay healthy. 

100% lactose-free

Himalayan yak chews help promote a lactose-free diet, which is important for pet owners as many dogs experience upset stomachs when consuming dairy-rich foods and treats. The chews are lactose, gluten and grain-free, which makes them perfect for lactose-sensitive pups who can still use a protein-rich, tasty dog treat!

Alternative to sugary dog treats

Himalayan yak chews are low in fat, but high in protein. This makes them a great option for dog owners looking to scale back the fatty and sugar-laden treats that are found on most pet store shelves. 

It’s a naturally flavored dog treat

If you look at the ingredient lists on many popular dog treat labels, you will see some have added preservatives and even artificial flavours to enhance their taste. This is not the case for our Himalayan yak chews, which feature just three natural ingredients. And to ensure our customers receive the best quality treats, they are flown in fresh from Nepal for a healthy and naturally delicious treat your dog won’t get enough of. 

Time-consuming treat

Gone are the days of 30-second treats that are finished in the blink of an eye. Our Himalayan yak chews provide hours of tasty enjoyment, making them durable enough even for the most active chewers. 

Promotes good oral hygiene 

These chews are great for your dog’s oral health. The dense nature of the Himalayan yak chews can help remove plaque from your dog’s teeth while they chew, promoting good oral hygiene! 

Next time you are searching for a new way to treat your dog, ensure that it not only tastes good but has the health benefits they deserve. Contact us at BulkBullys.ca with any questions you may have regarding Himalayan yak chews; we know you will both love them!