Here's why kangaroo meat makes a great treat for your dog!


Here's why kangaroo meat makes a great treat for your dog

While most dog owners are used to seeing beef, chicken, pork, and other common proteins in dog treats, kangaroo meat happens to be a wonderful alternative if you’re looking for a new, protein-rich treat for your dog. 

But what, exactly, makes kangaroo meat a nutritious option, and is it truly safe for dogs? The answer is yes, and we’ll break down why kangaroo meat is the perfect treat for your pup!

Kangaroo meat is one of the leanest red meat proteins for dogs (and it’s hypoallergenic, too!)

This may surprise you, but kangaroo meat is low in unsaturated fats and happens to be one of the leanest forms of red meat that you can give your dog! This makes kangaroo meat an ideal and nutritious choice for dogs that suffer from conditions like pancreatitis, or those that require a low-fat diet. 

Additionally, if your dog is one of the many that suffer from allergies to other proteins like beef, chicken, or pork, kangaroo meat is a great alternative because it’s hypoallergenic! As it is all-natural, free-range, and is a lean meat protein, it makes for a healthy yet safe treat that’s easily digestible for dogs with sensitivities. 

Kangaroo meat is rich in key nutrients dogs need

In addition to being a lean protein source, kangaroo meat also happens to be rich in zinc and iron — and that’s a huge benefit for your dog’s health, given zinc supports a dog’s immune system and how it reacts to illnesses and disease. Not only that, but kangaroo meat is also high in iron, making it a great treat alternative for dogs with iron deficiencies. 

Kangaroo meat is free-range

Currently, commercial farming of kangaroos does not exist, and we source only the highest quality, wild kangaroo meat for your dog. That means that our kangaroo treats are free from the additives, hormones, and artificial flavours that are often found in farmed meats — making kangaroo a healthy and nutrient-rich option for a tasty treat!

Kangaroo meat is an easy and unique treat for your dog

If you’re looking for a new treat to give your dog, kangaroo meat makes the perfect alternative! Most dogs will have never had kangaroo meat before, and you’ll find they love the unique flavour and new taste. Enriching your dog’s diet is important but finding new ways to do that can be challenging — kangaroo meat can make treat time a little more exciting for your pup!

In addition to being a healthy, nutritious and protein-rich treat for your dog, kangaroo meat can help add a boost to and enrich your dog’s diet, for something tasty and new. Explore our selection of natural, preservative-free kangaroo treats!