5 Pawsome Reasons to Adopt Your Next Fur Baby from a Shelter

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! If ​you're ​thinking about ​getting a new canine companion, ​adopting from a ​shelter or ​rescue is one ​of the best decisions ​you can ​make. Opening a ​home to a ​dog in need ​can be an incredibly ​rewarding and ​life-changing ​experience. In ​this post, ​we'll highlight ​the key benefits ​of shelter dog ​adoption ​and the ​considerations you need to make ​before adopting. Whether you're looking for your first ever pup or want to expand your doggy family, read on to learn why adopting is the way to go!

1. Feel Good by Doing Good - The Fulfillment of Saving a Life

Adopting a shelter dog is extremely fulfilling. Knowing you ​provided a second ​chance to an animal ​in need feels ​amazing. Despite some ​having challenging ​pasts, rescue dogs ​often show remarkable ​resilience, gratitude, and devotion ​to their new ​families. Their wagging tails and sloppy kisses are little reminders of the happy lives you've given them. Beyond the emotional rewards, you can find your ideal companion more affordably through adoption.

2. Save Money & Lives - Adoption Perks

The adoption fee at most shelters ranges from $50-$150, significantly lower than buying a bred puppy. Shelter dogs also come spayed/neutered and vaccinated, saving you hundreds more on initial vet costs. We all know that premium gear, accessories and treats can get very pricey. Adopting from a shelter offsets your other expenses. Plus, ​your adoption ​fee directly supports ​animal welfare ​programs to ​help more ​pets in need. It's ​a win-​win!

3. Finding the One - Shelters Have It All

With so ​many different ​breeds, ages, ​sizes, and personalities, ​shelter dogs ​offer something ​for everyone. Maybe you've always wanted a Border Collie or a Beagle? Senior dogs, energetic puppies, medium or large breeds - shelters have them all! Mix-breeds or designer breeds like Goldendoodles also make up a significant portion of adoptable dogs. Shelter ​staff invest ​time getting to ​know each dog's ​unique temperament ​to help match prospective ​owners with their ideal ​furry ​companion.

4. Healthier Dogs Through Proper Screening & Care 

Contrary to popular belief, shelter dogs are often healthier than dogs from pet stores or irresponsible breeders. Reputable shelters thoroughly vet each animal before adoption. Dogs receive a full exam, heartworm test, vaccinations, flea/tick treatment, and are spayed/neutered. Ongoing behavioral training and enrichment also helps shelter dogs thrive. Careful screening means animals with serious health issues seldom make it to the adoption floor. With proper care from shelters prior to adoption, rescue dogs are primed for happy, healthy lives in their new forever homes.

5. Support ​Your Local ​Shelter, Help ​Your ​Community

When ​you adopt a ​pet from an ​animal shelter, you're ​helping that ​organization continue ​their lifesaving ​work for ​homeless ​pets. Adoptions make space for shelters to take in additional animals otherwise left on the streets or euthanized. Local shelter support also keeps more of your adoption dollars within the community compared to purchasing from a breeder.

Things to Consider Before Adopting

While ​adopting a shelter ​dog is extremely ​rewarding, there ​are important ​things to consider before ​bringing one ​home.  Be realistic about your lifestyle, time commitment, financial readiness to handle food, supplies, veterinary care, and training costs. Also properly prepare your home for a new dog by puppy-proofing and stocking up on essentials. 

Don't Shop - Adopt

This October, open your heart and home by adopting a shelter dog in need of a fresh start. You'll be ​amazed by the ​fun, loyalty, and ​unconditional love ​they bring into ​your life. Before adopting, be sure to prepare your home for a new furry arrival by puppy-proofing and stocking up on pet essentials. 

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